Okay, I tried separating City and Scouser, keeping them upstairs away from the other keets. I thought I could work with the two of them, didn't work.

I eventually just put all the budgies together, but kept noticing all of the birds, including City picking on poor Scouser.

So, I have decided after much thought, to just take him out and bringing him upstairs. So far, he seems very happy. He isn't calling out to the keets. He's apparently happy, sitting on the swing I put in there for him. All he wanted in the other cage was to sit on a swing and be left alone, but the other keets would climb up and peck at him, and not let him sit on the swing.

I'm going to give him his space for a few days before I try to start working with him again. He still "steps up" on command, but only on command, if I don't say it, he'd be flapping like mad away from me.

Wish me luck! I'll post back again giving any up-dates. smile