(Sorry I posted this on training forum by mistake!)

I know this forum is for budgies but I'm hoping that one of you fellow-birdlovers might be able to help me out.
I found this baby pigeon on my way home, on an urban street. It's not a newborn, probably at least a month or two months old. Can't fly, can't walk too well either - may have been stunned. So I called our local humane society, which told me that I had to call the city animal services...After being given the usual runaround, I finally got ahold of someone at the city animal services, who basically told me that if they came to pick him up, they would euthanize him right away! When I said "No way; what's the point of having animal services if you won't even give them a few days to recuperate?" the person suggested that I leave the bird back where I found it, and then check on it a few days later. This didn't seem to make much sense to me either because I know there are all sorts of predatory animals, not to mention dogs, etc around. Plus I looked around and didn't see a nest or a mother pigeon looking for her baby. Anyway, it was about 8 pm and I decided to bring the little one home. The thing is, he hasn't been drinking water or eating anything. If he survives tonight, I plan to take him to Wildlife services first thing in the morning (they'd be long closed by now).
Now for the questions:
- any suggestions as to how I can feed him?
- was it the right thing to bring him home? My thinking was that the risk of something bad happening to this bird outside was probably greater than the possibility that his mother would come looking for him. Does anyone have any other thoughts?
Thanks for any ideas/suggestions!