Climbtreez - sorry about the 8th grade reference. Yes, I can see how that would be offensive to you - I just have forgotten what students can do at certain grades. But you see my point - I find him physically painful to watch. I literally feel pain.

And WitchCat, I am just glad to hear there are others who can share my point of view, or can at least appreciate why I might feel this way. I can respect a variety of view points - and I believe that a diversity of views will make us richer as a whole - but my experience in life is that alot of the most hateful things I read come from the people who portray themselves as holier than thou.

And Jenny - I think we posted simultanously so I will edit this - I respect your view points and welcome opposing views. PDM asked me to explicitly clarify why I think W. is dumb, so I tried to give some examples off the top of my head. If you took the time to read the rest of my post, you would see that I acknowledged that those grammatical points can be considered nit-picky - so I am not disagreeing. However if you continued to read my post, you would see my larger complaint with him is his lack of vision and the peril that he has created for the entire world. As far as his grammatical issues, I could overlook them if I thought he was a brilliant thinker. But he is not a brilliant thinker - even most republicans will tell you that.