i havent been here in a while, but i'd like to say a couple things. i am not going to argue because in politics most people wont listen. they stick to their side, argue for it and it goes no where. such as this thread. but,
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Victor, may I also add something?

Bush has to be the most immature person I've ever seen. I've seen a couple video clips of him flipping off cameras, and in one, he giggled about it like a 13 year old boy might react.
your gonna tell me you have NEVER laughed like a 13-year-old? i dont agree with the flipping off but no one is perfect right?

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First - the president is the worst public speaker I have ever heard in a position of power.
Example: Nucular. (FYI its "nuclear", Mr. President).
hey, people say what they say. are you gonna tell me every word you say at all times is exactly the pronunciation in the dictionary?

we live in a good country, with its faults, what country is perfect though? oh yeah, about the pledge, some countries arent allowed to do such things, so why no grasp the opportunity? i have many more points on which i concur and dont. please excuse all the mistakes in my typing i was rushed.