PDM: If you want me to delete that post, I will. I really fail to see how it is offensive to the forum - I'm sure Bush has heard much worse, but perhaps I have a thicker skin than others. I will be happy to elaborate.

First - the president is the worst public speaker I have ever heard in a position of power.
Example: Nucular. (FYI its "nuclear", Mr. President).
Second: Just listen to his press conferences (a rare occurence, I know). He speaks at about an 8th grade level (my apologies to the 8th graders reading this). I once read a political cartoon saying, "We need somebody who can articulate our view point on the war on terror to the American people. Quick, get Tony Blair over here."

Aside from his borderline illiteracy, what about some of his down right thoughtless comments.
1. To the terrorists: "Bring it on."

And even if you called all that nit-picky, which I might agree with you, what really gets me is his lack of vision for the future. I seriously think he may have just ruined the world - and that depresses me. If i didn't have kids, I might not be quite so depressed, but I think Bush has really screwed the future of this planet, which my children will have to endure. And that makes me mad. (Homi, note, that I have no plans to shoot W., despite what you may write).
But why do I think he has ruined the future, well let me count the ways:
1. War in Iraq: He just totally destablized a region that was previously, albeit tenuously, stable. When the nuclear bombs go off in the middle east, you can bet it had something to do with the US's invasion of Iraq.
2. Future terrorists: For every Iraqi father/son/wife/child/ we just killed over there, you can bet they have about 10 relatives getting ready to terrorize the US.
3. Energy consumption: Sure, W., Lets just drill all wildlife refuges. There is no green house effect, anyway, right? Is there anybody besides W., Cheney, and Ken Lay that question global warming?
4. Infringement on personal freedoms: Unauthorized wire tapping. Or seeing what I've been googling.
5. Invasion of privacy: Challenging oregon's Death with Dignity Act, Challenging Terry Schiavo's husband, Prohibiting the use of extra IVF embryos for stem cell research (even if they are just going to get tossed anyway), preventing 2 individuals in love from getting married because they are both men or both women. George - don't you have ANYTHING better to do than to meddle in everybody else's lives?

So yes - for W's inability to think through these issues and think through the long term ramifications - I think he is a moron. That is my opinion, and up until a few years ago, I was free to say that. Now apparently, that has come into question, so I can pretty much say the times have changed already.

And for those of you who want to try to make me feel bad by saying NOT NICE things about me personally - go ahead. Especially when you write scripture as your signature. Because that leads me to my final criticism of the president, and perhaps this is a different topic. Bush loves to play the religion card - and people are willing to overlook the killing of thousands YES THOUSANDS of innocent people - in the name of religious certainty - and yes I do have an issue with that.

So when I say Bush is THE DUMBEST PRESIDENT - I say it not just for his questionable communication skills, but for his absolute lack of forethought about the long term implications of his decisions. And my children will pay the price.