oh i am so sorry that you lost your mango. my keets are all very young, none older than a year, so i pray that i'll have them a long time. i'm so very sorry. i'll think of you, send you white lite, its healing, so say my dear friends, so i'll do what i can to send it to you. hopefully the pain won't be too overbearing for too long, but i've not lost a pet i was extremely close to ever, other than having to adopt out a dog i adored, and i still miss her 15 yrs later. but my momma died 14 yrs ago, and i'm not comparing, but i'll tell you, its finally getting easier now, but some days.... well. all i want is my momma. and i can only suppose it will be the same for you, in some way. good luck, god bless. white lite, comin' your way now, and all day, and whenever i think of you, which will be often. hugs to you.

I'm filling my empty nest with feathers. :0)