whats your problem? i said she was sneaky. we dont leave anything around for her except for dog food. i said she was lucky and so were we. your very rude! i do care about her and we try not to leave stuff in her reach. but like the other day. i left a bowl of tuna on the table, walked to the fridge, and got the mayonaise, i turned around and my cat was already eating it. or the time where we went to a christmas party and my mom left two pies cooling under foil, when we came home, my dog had eaten it. its not our fault and dont accuse me of ANYTHING because "I" didnt do it. my mom is usually at fault so dont accuse me!!!!!!!! i KNOW chocolate can kill a dog. thats why we were worried about her. we would have taken her a vet but she wasnt acting sick or showing signs of anything..like..ddiarhea. so whatever!!