From the Capt'n:
not some snake-charming peasant church where Bubba and Bubbette speak in tongues
Hey watch it - I live down the street from one of those churches that speak in tongues. i
Of course I also live in the same state as the Statue of Liberty carrying a cross.

Its a pretty sad statement when churches have to use gimmicks to get people interested in their congregation. I get mail weekly from the local churches inviting us to visit.

It is also very sad how politicians and businesses in the bible belt (and beyond) play on Christian solidarity. I frequently get ads in the mail from a plumber or handyman or carpet salesman, and at the bottom will be a little fish symbol. As if that will make me trust them any more. And then every politician running for alderman, the school board, or senate, will also tell you which church he or she attends. Again, as if that would make him/her more qualified to set the fiscal budget for my town.

As for George W Bush, despite the fact that I think he is a total moron, I have to hand it to him that somehow he (or Karl Rove) has been just brilliant in playing the Christian card. Remember long ago when he campaigned as "the uniter" --- has the country ever been more divided about a president? ... How many more years until I have to sit through 8 years of Jeb?