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Almost every President from the beginning has claimed to be a Christian, it doesn't make them one.
I agree. It’s all a question of telling the lumpen what they want to hear. The same way that a member of one of America’s most elite and connected political families can pretend he’s a good ole’ boy from the Texan bush and a draft dodger can pretend he’s a macho war hero, then an atheist, jew or muslim can pretend to be a Christian. Why not?

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Although who cares, I prophesize we're all going to blow each other up anyway.
Then you need a bank account in Switzerland and a house in New Zealand. I bet you the kiwis will survive the nuclear holocaust.

but W certainly seems to be, and really wants to run the country out of his Bible.

If a member of the Bush family ever got religious, I’m sure they would join some upscale sect like the Episcopalians or the Lutherans, not some snake-charming peasant church where Bubba and Bubbette speak in tongues. I reckon it’s all an act. Everything else about the guy is a fraud, why should this be any different?