Cosmos already proven to be a danger to himself (uh..and my FACE), he can fly pretty good now sense hes got.. I think 4 full flight feathers on each wing grew in. If I dont pick him up as soon as he comes out and give him a kiss and scratch him, he jumps/flies at me and tries to land on my FACE xD Its horrible, haha. Other than that.. hes just clumbsy and hyper, and I really think he will be a lot safer clipped, so that he cant fly more than he can now (which..he did a full lap around my room yesterday, so hes got a LOT of mobility now). Anyway, before he would fly, he would trip over his own feet, and of course you've all seen him do flips and just get into impossible situations..hes no better off flying, worse, really. He tried to land on my sheleve (well, he did, perfectly, except he decided to go BEHIND everything else after he landed and I couldnt get him because it was too high for me. So I played the waiting game with him), and while he was up there he got dusty and was pecking around at..whatever, dust, I guess, so after 30 minutes I had to get a chair and force him down. Hes gone up to my curtin rod a few times, and when he gets up there, he wants to CLIMB down the curtin rather than fly b ack down, so hes lost his grib and fell more than once.. he seems to already have flying pretty much down, hes perfect at landing, he just likes to get into trouble. I've had to keep him up more lately, because hes just driving me nuts. I ended up getting a scratch across my cheek from him trying to land on it. >o

R.I.P Elkie
Nov. 04 - Jul. 05
Your life was short lived but I hope you were very happy.