Like I said before...

Clipping the wings ONLY benefits the owner. It does nothing for the bird and as Sylv said, causes stress.

How would like to have your legs tied together so you couldn't walk? Basically the same thing. A natural act, that has been eliminated from the animal's mobility choices.

Birds get out because the owner is irresponsible enough to leave a door or window open. If you are going to own a bird, you need to make the extra effort to eliminate the chances of a bird getting out of the house.

Clipping the wings of a bird repeatedly to keep them from ever flying, in my opinion is route of a lazy bird owner. Just like dog owners who keep their poor animals penned up or tied to a tree all the time.

There is nothing positive about it as far as the bird's quality of life is concerned. It places the bird in danger, and removes one of the major joys these animals have. Gebo LOVES to fly more than anything else he does! I can't imagine ever denying him this freedom to express himself.

I would rather not own a bird than to do this to one.

I obviously have a VERY strong opinion on this issue. wink

[]Rick - Gebo's Human Provider - Seattle, WA.