iv read soo much about clipping.. pro's, con's whatever and i will say that i decided to clip budgees wings the second day i had him, and i did it myself, as per instructions i read online, i did it one feather at a time on each wing lettiing him fly each time to see the affects before i cut anymore, and i made sure his cuts were nice and clean, no burs or ragged edges...budgee is now depended on me for his security and safety and i assumed that responsability when i did it, also i spend time stroking his little wings afterwords, i think this solidifies his trust in me, he can still fly,i cut his primaries but left the last 2 feathers a little long...cut rounded at the tips, but a little long. i am hopeing that they will grow back..but by that time it wont matter.
i think wing clipping is the key to hand training.