OK... As no one has answered me I will assume that nobody wants an extention to the entry time (one week) SO guys, gals & birdies, entry to the 2007 calender competition will END on SATURDAY 20th Jan! THATS tommorrow!!!!
THEN the voting shall begin!!!

As I've said before, voting will be only ONE week too... Lets get this calender moving shall we!!! laugh I shall be completing the calender next weekend and (hope) to have it finished and available to purchase on SUNDAY 28th Jan... THAT does mean that we all might not get it until FEB SOOOOO I shall sort something out for Jan... perhaps a cartoon picture of birdies?... No point in giving someone January if noone will be hanging it up in Feb, showing it off!! Please let me know if you have any other ideas for January (NOT fair on whoever gets it I think) laugh laugh KEEP `EM COMING!!!