Fabutam: I just love that photo! I love the 3 D-ness of it. smile

I want a keet: Mine let me take their photos all the time. I just talk to them like i always do when I take hte photo. I say to them "Aww, what a good baby! OH so cute!!" when they do something I want a photo of, then i get the camera and I say the same thing as I get the camera up level for the photo. At first they may get frightened, but I just repeat that this is a camera and that they are cute and sweet. Then they fluff and do that thing I said was cute again, and I take their photo. smile

They're all pretty used to it now. I think only McCartney or Lennon might get spooked now, sometimes. But Scouser, he's so taken with it now. He poses for me all the time. laugh