Well, I hope you guys like these. I had to redo the words about 20 times because she ran over them about 20 times. And she kept getting mad and flying away, so I got mad, and we started sqwuaking at each other because we both have really bad tempers, and now we aren't on speaking termms. mad

(Some of the mess-mess ones like Dane Cook were simply taken on the spot, so those I can't really fix. I'm messy--like my bird.)

...But I got the pictures. a few will need to be cropped about 50-100 pixels, but it should be okay.

I'm thinking again..
[Linked Image]

You didn't get those points for that!
[Linked Image]

I give up...
[Linked Image]

Edit:We're cuddly again. She's on my shoulder. I hate my temper--I get it from my Dad. Ophelia started throwing Scrabble pieces, and I started throwing the camera (at the floor...nothing at her) and she flew away and I shut her music off, and she squawked and I yelled....wow...I think I'm a way too into my bird (is that even possible?) *kisses Ophelia* My baby.

Hehe, thanks Alateriel! Zeus is so cool too! I gotta teach Ophelia to pick out clothes for me. :-P