Welcome ladies, gentlemen and birds, to the 2007 calendar competition!!

As some of you may have seen in a previous post, I have offered to make the calendar we all knew about and voted before Christmas. Although I had many people discussing for and against I have now decided to make my own, in my own way (no offense to Lisa laugh )

This is how it will work - you all have just one week to submit ANY photograph of your birdies!! They can Photoshopped or added to in anyway!
To make it easier for me (LOL!)I would appreciate if your submitted photograph was not cropped and, if possible, horizontal (with a horizontal calendar the quality of the finished result would be a lot better if all photographs were the same way- I have tried before and failed to make vertical photographs fit into the horizontal calendar, it is possible but doesn't look that good - honestly! - There IS a vertical calendar available so if we get enough vertical photographs that people vote for I could easily organise a second calendar? (why not upload one of each?!) smile )

I am very excited to be producing the calendar for everybody and cannot wait to see your babies!! As said before there will be no profits made for this calendar, let's say I am giving you all a late Christmas present!! X
(apart from the fact that you have to pay for it:D)

So, the entry week for bird pictures starts... NOW!!! :p