Wine at Restaurants

Ridge MontebelloIt can be very challenging to order a wine at a restaurant. How do you know what to order, and what is appropriate for the dish you are getting? How much of a tip should you leave for the waiter if you order a really expensive bottle of wine? What is the protocol when you order a wine bottle?

Just why do restaurants mark their wine bottles up, anyway? Why don't they charge retail price per bottle?

Here are recommendations, tips and suggestions on handling a wine list at a restaurant.

The Wine List

Reading a Restaurant Wine List
How Wine is Served at a Restaurant
Corkage Fee and Wine at a Restaurant

Restaurants and Tipping

Tipping on Wine at a Restaurant
Tipping Standards at a Restaurant
Tipping a Sommelier / Wine Steward
Tips and the IRS

Wine Bottle Markups

Wine Markup at a Restaurant
Wine Markup at Morton's

Wine Restaurant Stories

The $169 Wine Ordering Mistake

Working with Wine

Waitress Wine Tips

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