Chocolate and Late Harvest Riesling

Riesling is grown in many places, but does the best in its native Germany and in California. The Riesling grape is believed to be indigenous to Germany, and has been planted there since the fourteenth century.

Late Harvest Riesling is - literally - a riesling grape which was harvested late in the season. When you harvest a grape at "normal ripeness" there is a balance between the natural sugars in the grapes and the acidity levels. This makes a normal wine. When you wait and harvest the grape later on, the sugars keep climbing. This gives you a very sweet wine which is often drunk for dessert.

Late Harvest Riesling therefore is a sweet but complex white wine that is great as a dessert wine. It often has fruity and floral flavors in it. This is perfect for people with a sweet tooth - and also perfect for pairing with sweet desserts like chocolate. You generally want the sweetness levels of your food to match the wine. Otherwise, if you have a sweet food and a non-sweet drink, the non-sweet drink suddenly tastes very acidic and bitter in comparison.

Late Harvest Riesling does well with hazelnut chocolates, such as the traditional Belgian seashell chocolates.


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