Chocolate and Port

Port is fortified wine from the Douro Valley, Portugal. The term "port" can only refer to these wines, much like French regions lay claim to certain titles. Being fortified, port is high in alcohol and is normally drunk from small glasses, in sips. Port should be served around 65 degrees, and the glass should only be half filled.

I admit here that port is easily my favorite wine to drink with chocolate. Port is rich, luscious, flavorful and can stand up easily to any style of chocolate. You can get a light tawny port to go with a light milk chocolate, or a rich, thick ruby to go with a dark chocolate. You can nibble on the chocolate, sip at the port and feel like you are in an ultimate heaven. All you are missing is the roaring fire and the snuggly robe.

I've tried chocolates with vintage ports and while they are certainly nice, I wouldn't count that as the best pairings. Stick with the tawny and the ruby for the best experience. In terms of chocolate, the hazelnut chocolates seem to be about perfect for ports.


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