Chocolate and Champagne

Champagne is one of the ultimate romantic beverages. The image of a couple in love clinking their Champagne flutes together is embedded in our psyche. Numerous movies promote this lovely scene. How well does Champagne do with chocolate, the craved-for aphrodisiac?

Champagne, while romantic, is hardly a good mix for chocolate. The flavors tend to clash. Because chocolate is sweet, and Champagne tends to be dry, the sweetness of the chocolate makes the Champagne taste acidic.

If you really want to have a sparkling wine, go for a sweet variety. I'd recommend Asti Spumanti and Prosecco, both from Italy. I'd also suggest going with milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate, for gentler flavors.

There are also rose Champagnes that have a richer flavor. These pink Champagnes are one of the only sparkling wines I'll try with a dark chocolate.

If you're open to Champagne cocktails, go for a cocktail with a raspberry liqueur like Chambourd. These help the drink become more hefty, to hold up against a dark chocolate!

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