Wine Pairing by Food Type

There are many times that you know what you want to eat - but not what wine you should serve with it. Here are guidelines to help you out! Remember, though, that each of us has different taste buds. What you personally enjoy with a dish might differ!

Before Dinner

Appetizers and Wine
Cheese and Wine
Oysters and Wine

Main Dishes

BBQ and Wine
Chicken and Wine
Chinese Food and Wine
Ham and Wine
Hamburger and Wine
Indian Food and Wine
Lamb and Wine
Lobster and Wine
Pasta - Red Sauce and Wine
Pasta - White Sauce and Wine
Pizza and Wine
Spice Type and Wine
Steak and Wine
Turkey and Wine


Chocolate and Wine Main Page
Chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon
Chocolate and Champagne
Chocolate and Late Harvest Riesling
Chocolate and Merlot
Chocolate and Port
Chocolate and Shiraz

Wine and Food Pairing Main Page

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