Beaujolais and Cheese

Beaujolais and Cheese is a tasty combo! Beaujolais Nouveau is a classic fall treat, released exactly on the third Thursday in November. It's the very first wine of the season - hardly wine at all, more like slightly-aged grape juice. In comparison, Beaujolais is a light red, and goes well with many appetizers and snacks.


Brie is a soft, creamy French cheese that is best served very fresh. Since Beaujolais is a very light red, its fruity flavors go well with this.

Mild Cheddar

Cheddar is an English cheese that comes in all strengths. Choose a mild cheddar to go with this gentle red.


Edam is a semi-hard, creamy cheese from Holland. It's slightly nutty, so its nuts complement the fruity flavors of the Beaujolais.


Munster is a French cheese - semi-soft, made from cow milk, with smooth holes. It can range from mild to sharp, but get a milder version to go with the light wine.


Swiss is pretty well known - yellow, with large holes and a mild, nutty flavor. This is a perfect counterpoint to the soft fruitiness of Beaujolais.


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