Pink Wine Tasting

Many people think pink wine automatically means sickly sweet wine. That is not true at all! Some of the best wines out there are pink in color - but light, fruity and elegant in flavor. Pink is just a color. Many styles of wine can end up pink.

Valentine's Day is the PERFECT time for a pink wine. Look at the success of the love story An Affair to Remember which featured Pink Champagne! We held a tasting of these wines on a girls' night out.

pink wine

OK, I know that wine on the far left is NOT pink or even romantic! But I figured I should include those of you who are feeling feisty about Valentine's Day :)

Col di Luna

- Italian sparkling wine, $18
Col di Luna is fruity, crisp, light with an apricot flavor. It doesn't have a taste that lingers with you for hours, but heck, it's only $18 and is light and tasty. Our sweet wine drinker in the group really liked this one, and the rest thought it was quite fine.


- $15
Sofia was light, fruity, a little tart but smooth. While some compared it with "cherry jello" others found the sweetness to be just right. This is in essence a "white pinot noir" - i.e. pinot noir grapes made into a white style wine.

Pink Fiddle

- $18
Another White Pinot Noir, this was tart with berry flavors and an acidic bite. It went very well with food, especially a salad. Some found it a little too tart just on its own. Ironically others found it cloyingly sweet :)

Chateau Peuch-Haut 2005

- $17
Light, fruity, words like "bland" and "not offensive" floated around on this one. This is a blend of several red grapes made in the white style, in France. This was the least appealing one of the group for us.


- $11
We got this mainly for the label. The front says Bitch with little hearts and swords all around the edges. The back simply says "Bitch" about 800 times :) It's a Grenache, fruity, fresh, and a wine that the entire table liked.

We really found that people varied wildly on how they enjoyed a given wine. A wine one person found to be too sweet, another person found to be too tart. Have a pink wine tasting of your own, and see for yourself what appeals to you!

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