L'Ecole - French Culinary Institute Restaurant

L'Ecole is located in the SOHO region of Manhattan. Luckily there is on-street parking for free after 7pm, so we were all set when we arrived barely on time for our 8:15pm reservations. Traffic in NYC can be challenging!!

The restaurant holds maybe 50-75 people in one room with pale yellow walls and white linen tablecloths. A row of photos in a long line along one wall shows the various students and teachers involved in their training. There's a small bar to the front of the restaurant, and a few tables along the windows. We were lucky enough to get a window seat so we could people-watch while we ate.

L'Ecole French Culinary Institute Restaurant

I apologize that it's fuzzy - I felt guilty taking photos of diners and did it without a flash. I did get a better image of the bar when it was empty.

L'Ecole French Culinary Institute Restaurant

The main 5 course dinner begins at 8pm and ends at 10pm, although we didn't leave there until 11pm. It's a slow, leisurely meal.

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