2005 Nantucket Wine Festival

I've spent May on Nantucket for the past 9 years - and I intend to keep doing so indefinitely. Why? The island is simply gorgeous, the weather is perfect, the shops are open and the tourists have not yet clogged the streets. But the real reason involves a liquid once thought to be brought to mankind by the gods. That liquid is wine - and the event is the Nantucket Wine Festival.

There simply isn't a better spot to drink wine. Where other events might give you a distributor without a clue, at Nantucket you can sit in the grass and talk vine philosophy with the actual winemaker and vineyard manager, while sipping $75 bottles of wine and eating artisan cheeses. You can get first-hand cooking training from Ming Tsai, and taste pairings that make your heart melt with delight. It seems that every person you meet, from your fellow shuttle riders to the people who share your table at the wine dinners, are friendly, fun to talk with, and of course in love with wine.

I could not imagine a more perfect way to spend a long weekend, and I know very well why this event sells out every year. I just make sure I get in my own reservations long in advance, so I don't miss out on what is being offered!

Come on in, and enjoy my notes of the Pink Blossom Weekend!

Nantucket Vineyards Visit
Cinco Restaurant with Muga Wines
The Grand Tasting at Brant Point
Notes and Photos around Nantucket Island

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