Champagne Top 5 Listings

It's hard to know which Champagnes are "The Best" for your particular purpose - everyone has different tastes in Champagnes, and of course different budgets with which to purchase them!

I've asked various wine people which Champagnes they would choose, and have compiled the answers here. Look through them, and decide which is best for you!

Tons of Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tasting Notes

We've been running tastings on Champagne and Sparkling Wine for many years now. Come learn which taste the best and are the best bargains!

Lisa's Californian Best Buys

Don't have hundreds to spend on Champagne? California makes some tasty alternatives that are worth celebrating.

Brian's Champagne Picks

This K&L wizard knows not only Australian wines but is also great with wines from France.

ShopWine's Champagne Selections

This UK firm is doing a brisk business in Champagne, and shares its knowledge with our visitors!

Wine Spectator's Top 5 Database Entries

Are you a Wine Spectator follower, buying exactly what they rate the highest? Here you go!

Richard's Champagne Picks

A wine broker in St Louis, Richard has represented various Champagne houses and knows the ropes.

The Champagne Lady's Champagne Picks

Rosemary Zraly is THE source for all information on Champagne. Take a look at her top five!

French Culture Guide's Champagne Styles

Who should know better about Champagne than our Guide on French Culture? Learn which styles he recommends!

Stacey's Champange Choices

Stacey is studying to be a chef, and has a lot of insight into the world of wines.

WineSnob's Zinfandel Dinner

You know he loves Zins! We couldn't pass up the chance to plan the perfect Zin-ful dinner!

Champagne Pairings and Reviews

Champagne History and Information

Champagne Cocktail Recipes

Champagne Cocktail Recipes Ebook

You'll have instant access to over 90 delicious Champagne cocktail recipes from your Kindle, your laptop, your PDA, or any other PDF-viewing system! Perfect for any Champagne cocktail lover!
Champagne Cocktail Recipes Ebook

Our Sangria Recipes include a section on sparkling sangria recipes. These are Champagne Cocktails as well!

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