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Poets Row Merlot 2008

Poets Row Merlot 2008 13.5% alc – “sustainably harvested”. As compared to wineries where they burn down the vines after they pluck them? 🙂

Lisa Shea

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  1. Ah, Lisa, you’re a fellow label cynic! I always think of comments like yours when I see “sustainably harvested” and the like, but I never write them down.

    Any comments about the wine itself? I picked it up today at TJ’s along with the Cab & the Chard.

  2. Sustainable is a trendy buzzword. I take it to mean that the product is produced without consuming the natural resources involved. As for harvest, I guess all the pluckers survived the experience and can do it again next year. The glass of Poets Row Merlot I had last night was smooth and complex and it is comforting to know that the next vintage might be just as great.

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