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Selling wine is incredibly complicated because every country - and every state in the US - has its own regulations about what is proper and improper for selling alcohol. There are rules regarding the percentage of alcohol, the number of bottles you can sell, the age of the person you can sell it to, and more. Perhaps most importantly (to the government officials) is that they want to TAX these items you are selling because they are alcohol. Alcohol gets special taxes on them and the government wants every last cent. Not to be too cynical, but when it comes down to it, all this rigamarole that people get caught up in all comes down to that tax issue.

I have many pages written up on Shipping Wine but that is only half of the problem. The larger issue is if you perform a money transaction that involves alcohol all sorts of liability and tax issues enter into the picture. It is well worth it to research this properly to ensure you do it legally. You don't want to get wound up with the Federal Government over laws that were meant to shut down the mob and moonshine operations.

Here are some basics, and feel free to post in our wine forums with specific questions. We will help you out as best we can!

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