USDA Nutritional Values of Wine

The USDA is the United States Department of Agriculture. They test food products to determine what components they contain. What does the USDA say about wine?

Red Wine

For a 3.5oz glass of red wine, around 103g, the USDA found 91g of water and 9.6g of alcohol. That's pretty much all of it. There were .3g of ash, .2g of protein, and 1.8g of "Carbohydrate, by difference". This does NOT mean it has carbohydrates! It means there is something else that doesn't fit into the categories listed. This is probably glyerine, which is a form of alcohol. The USDA lists the drink as creating 74 calories.

White Wine

For a 3.5oz glass of white wine, again at 103g, the USDA 92g of water and 9.5g of alcohol. White wines tend to be lower in alchol than red wines. Again, not much else was found in the wine. There was .2g of ash, .1g of protein and 0.8g of "Carbohydrate, by difference". The calories for white wine are at 70 calories - again, because all calories in wine come from alcohol, and this has less alcohol than the red wine.

Blush Wine

The same 3.5oz glass of blush wine at 103g shows up with 91.5g of water and 9.6g of alcohol. There are .2g of ash, .2g of protein and 1.4g of "Carbohydrate, by difference". A blush wine has 73 calories in it.

To view the full information from the USDA on various wine types, visit the USDA National Nutrient Database.


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