Moderate Wine Drinking Reduces your Tummy Pouch!

This is the sort of study I *love* to read about. A recent study at the University of Buffalo found that drinking moderate amounts of wine reduced your levels of abdominal fat. Those who abstained, and those who binge drank, both had more 'tummy pouch' than those who drank healthy amounts of wine each day.

The fat in particular the study was testing is called "central adiposity" and is in essence abdominal fat - the tummy pouch. If you lie on your back, this is the tummy fat that sticks upwards and doesn't slide to one side or another.

The study was done on 2,343 adults in all age ranges, both male and female. The results held for all of the groups. People who drank one or two glasses of wine a day had the smallest belly fat amounts. Those who binge drank (3-4 glasses at a time) or who didn't drink at all had the pouch.

Note that those who drank hard alcohol had larger amounts of belly fat across the board. So it's a glass of wine for your health!


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Wine and Health

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