Wine Drinking Leads to a Longer Life

In 2003, The Harvard Medical School published information on the Nature website that indicates drinking red wine can help extend your life. The effect seems very similar to the known effect of lessening the intake of calories. The fewer calories you eat, the longer you tend to live. The researchers believe a key component of wine - resveratrol - is responsible for this health gain.

Resveratrol in wine has already been shown in studies to help combat heart disease and cancer. Researchers feel it is this same effect that helps prolong life in general.

The group is planning more studies to further explore how red wine works to help bring a longer life, and what rates of consumption are most optimal.

The researchers note that resveratrol seems to be produced in greater quantities when the grape vine is under stress, perhaps as a way of the plant helping itself to overcome current difficulties. This means that grapevines grown in regions where the vine has to struggle - such as in Chile, Argentina and Spain - container higher quantities of resveratrol than more gentle climates.


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Wine and Health

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