Wine and Dieting

For the longest time, winedrinkers have suffered when they wished to lose weight. Doctors, always eager to villinize alcohol, would insist that all alcohol must be shunned when trying to lose those pounds. They rationalized that the extra calories inflicted by wine were bad in the first place, like a giant chocolate mousse, and should be avoided at all costs.

Recently, however, numerous studies have shown how wine helps fight cancer, heart disease, ulcers, and much more. It is especially recommended for menopausal women. In the face of this news, many doctors and dieticians are revising their suggestions about wine. In fact, many dieticians are now suggesting that wine can serve as a substitute in cooking for something many have to watch - sodium.

Wine adds a great deal of flavor to meals, and can serve as a flavoring agent without adding alcohol or fat to the meal. Both tend to burn off while the food is being cooked.

The core goal of losing weight is to start on a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable and provides enough calories for your body to live. If you eat three decent meals a day, exercise regularly, then there is no reason that wine cannot be a healthy part of that lifestyle. With all of the medical benefits that wine provides, in fact, many people end up far healthier with wine in their diet than without.


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Wine and Health

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