Wine Calorie Calculator

If you're just looking for a summary of the calories, carbohydrates and other minerals in an average glass of wine, you can find that at my Wine & Calories Page. This page here gets more into the details of HOW you figure out the number of calories in wine, if you want to make your own calculations.

To start with, wine is really a mixture of alcohol (ethanol), water and some flavoring. The grape juice that the winemaker starts with is acted on by the yeast the winemaker adds. The sugar and oxygen is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. So really, since water has no calories, and the flavoring is pretty minute, you're interested in the alcohol you're drinking.

Alcohol content of wine is measured in percentage. So a typical bottle of Zinfandel might say it is 10% alcohol. Now you need to know how much you're drinking. Say that you pour a 4oz glass of this Zinfandel. You put those two numbers into this formula:

1.6 x percentage x oz in glass

So this means if you have 10% alcohol, and 4oz in your glass, you would do

1.6 x 10 x 4

which is 64 calories.

You can determine exactly how many calories are in any glass of wine you drink.


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Wine and Health

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