Atkins, Low Carb and Wine

I also run a Low Carb website so it happens that I do a ton of research into how wine affects health, how wine affects weight loss, and every other combination. I have been on a low carb diet for many years now, and am quite happy and healthy with it. It's important to realize that low carb is NOT about eating tons of fat. It is about eating low SUGAR. It's about avoiding junk food, avoiding processed foods, and focusing on quality vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and so on.

Cholesterol is one of the key concerns of people on a low carb diet. As you probably know, scientists have now divided cholesterol into groups. There is the "good cholesterol", HDL, which gets fats to be excreted out of your system. And then there is the "bad cholesterol", LDL, which keeps those fats in your blood stream. When the fats hang out in your blood, they tend to stick inside your arteries, clog them up, and cause things like ... death.

Wine, in addition to lowering your blood sugar levels, has also been shown in scientific experiments to increase the amount of HDL found in your bloodstream. So if you have a glass of wine along with that steak, not only do you help depress the blood sugar levels in your body, but you also help bring in some HDL, to counteract the LDL that is flooding your system!

Plus, with the USDA listing carb values of 0.8g to 1.8g per glass of wine, the wine shouldn't even dent your total carb count!


A great deal of research and work went into my wine / health pages. If you use this information, please credit me properly. Thanks!

Wine and Health

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