Wine and Health

Most people appreciate wine for its delicious tastes - there are so many different types of wine, each pairing with certain combinations of food. This immense variety means, if you had enough money, you could live a lifetime without eating the same combination twice. But how does wine affect your health?

Healthy Aspects of Wine

The Basics of Wine and Health
Red Wine Maintains Immune System
Wine Help Prevent Strokes
Wine Leads to a Longer Life
Moderate Wine Drinking Reduces your Tummy Pouch!
Wine and Cancer
Wine and Breast Cancer
Wine Increases Bone Mass
Wine and Ulcer Prevention
Wine as a Soothing Drink

How Bodies Handle Wine

Wine, Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar Levels
The Carbohydrates in Wine
Wine and Alcohol - a Basic Body Energy Source
Wine, Alcohol, and Ethanol - the Chemistry of Wine
Wine and Calories - How Wine is Metabolized
Low Calorie Wine
Hangover Causes and Cures
Blood Alcohol Level Calculator

Wine Allergies and Reactions

Cogeners and wine - Cheap Wine Headaches
European Wines Cause Fewer Headaches?
Gluten free wine
Histamines and wine
Sulfites and wine
Tannins and wine


Dieting and Wine
Digestion and Wine
The Calories in Wine
Wine Calorie Calculator
Atkins, Low Carb and Wine
Atkins and Wine Changes Over Years
Diabetes and Wine

Medical Situations

Wine and Candida Yeast
Pregnant Mothers and Wine
Red Nose, Rosacea and Wine

Labelling and Regulation

FDA Labels, Nutrition Info and Wine Bottles
USDA Nutritional Values of Wine

Caveat: I am not a doctor ... for detailed answers about how wine will affect you personally given your medical condition and lifestyle, contact your family physician

All content on the WineIntro website is personally written by author and wine enthusiast Lisa Shea. WineIntro explores the delicious variety and beautiful history which makes up our world of wine! Lisa loves supporting local wineries and encouraging people to drink whatever they like. We all have different taste buds, and that makes our world wonderful. Always drink responsibly.