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Users under age 13 cannot post in our forums until written consent by the parent has been sent in to Minerva Webworks LLC. Until that written consent is received, users under age 13 can only read the forums. They cannot post content.

Why is that?


COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. This federal law was passed in 1998. It was explicitly written to protect the safety of children under the age of 13 on the internet.

This legislation requires a signed written consent be provided by parents before ANY information is gathered by children under the age of 13. This law applies to all websites.

The law also requires written permission for any image of any child under age 13 to be shown on any website. The written permission must be provided by the child's parent.

The FTC has levied fines of $1 million dollars and more for websites which fail to properly follow all COPPA regulations. Any website which does not follow these rules risks having that fine charged against them.

For these reasons, we cannot allow any child under the age of 13 to post on our site without having written parental permission sent in to our home offices. This address is:

Minerva Webworks LLC
PO Box 632
Sutton, MA 01590

The letter must be written by the parent. It must grant explicit permission for their child or children to create accounts on the WineIntro forum system. The letter must include the child's name, birthdate, and the username the child will be using on the system. It must be signed by the parent and provide a full address, phone number and email address (work prefered) for verification.

We follow these laws very firmly, to help ensure that all children under the age of 13 are kept safe.

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