Forum Signature Information

Signatures in a forum are an automatic footer that are appended to every single post that you create. Because this footer can appear hundreds, if not thousands, of times in the forum, we have guidelines that apply to signature text.

Remember, signatures are designed to let you "sign" your forum posts. This means it should include your name, and perhaps a brief line about the winery you own, the types of wine you enjoy, or other specific related information. It is not meant to be a promotion.

If you want to tell people something once, then it is valid in a post. Once you put it into your signature, people "tune it out" after the second and third time they see it. By the hundredth time they see it, it is repetitive skipped letter combinations that solely serve to slow their page drawing speed.

A signature MUST be under 200 pixels in height. Signatures larger than this will be deleted, for forum use issues.


We cannot allow URLs in forum signatures, because this is equivalent to spamming the forum with promotions for external websites. We would be put in the position of trying to "judge" if one was beneficial (perhaps a link to a charity organization that saves injured birds) vs one which was harmful (perhaps a link to a porn site, or a link to make that user cash by selling Noni Juice). There is no way we can vet every single signature, checking it monthly, to make sure it the website it points to is always family friendly. Websites are bought out and replaced at a prodigious rate.

Also, URLs tend to take up a lot of characters - and a key aim of the forum system is to keep the threads as quick loading as possible.

No Long Quotes, Poetry, etc.

Again, it's fun to show a quote once, to share it with others. However, if you post 100 times and every single time you post you are showing that quote, people are not reading it any more. They are skipping over it. However, all that text is causing their page size to grow to enormous sizes. Many of our visitors are on dial up lines and are having to wait for every single letter to download to their computer. If they are seeking quick help with a wine pairing, they don't want to have to wait 30 seconds for a page because someone is quoting War & Peace in their signature 8 different times in that thread!

Remember, the main aim of these forums is communication and sharing of information. We want to provide this information as quickly and easily as we can to our visitors. With your help, we can achieve that goal!

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