Forum Rules and Regulations

Forum Basics

The ability to post messages on the WineIntro Forum System is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. We are doing our very best to provide a friendly, fun, helpful forum for people to discuss their loves and get help. Membership is granted provisionally to any requestor aged 13 or older, with the requirement that that individual abides by our rules. We will remove the privilege to post from any forum member who is found to violate our stated rules.

Reporting Instructions

The WineIntro forum system has one moderator - Lisa Shea, the site owner. Lisa has a full time job. Moderation of these forums therefore is done for limited hours each day, on a schedule. Lisa only moderates posts that violate one of the below rules. She is not here to referee arguments or to remove points of view that a given person disagrees with. If you wish to make a request for a post edit / delete, the steps you must take are:

* Click the "report post" icon on the post which violates one of the below rules
* State in the comment box which rule it violates
* Be patient

We will NOT necessarily get to that post immediately. You will need to be patient. Lisa makes the final ruling on whether a given posting fits our rules or not. If the post is in violation, the poster will get a single warning about their behavior. If the poster continues to violate our rules, they will have their posting rights revoked.

Note that there is NO excuse accepted for any rule violation. If someone else made you angry and you "could not help yourself" in the way you responded, then you are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of posting privileges.

Rules of Conduct on the Forum

1) NO OBSCENE LANGUAGE. Obscene words are automatically blocked by the forum system. Anyone who uses punctuation or other techniques to get around our ban is in blatant violation of our clean language rule.

2) NO INSULTS OF OTHER FORUM MEMBERS. There is never an excuse for verbally assaulting another person in our forum. This is known as Cyber-Bullying; it is emotional abuse and will not be tolerated. You can disagree maturely with a given topic, for example plastic corks vs tree-bark corks. If you must resort to attacking the individual personally to make your point, then you have already conceded defeat on the issue. This includes private messages.

3) NO BULK MEANINGLESS POSTINGS. Some members enjoy posting a ton of junk / meaningless posts. These posts fill up the boards and make it more difficult for members to read actual, helpful information in our forums. Many of our members are on dial-up lines and are paying a lot of money per-minute to scroll through our pages. Filling our forums with junk postings actively takes money from those individuals.

4) NO PERSONAL ADDRESS / PHONE INFORMATION. Hopefully the reason for this should be crystal clear for anyone who uses the internet. The potential for abuse is incredible. Besides identity theft and stalking issues, there is the situation where a person posts ANOTHER person's information in order to cause trouble for them. There is no way we could possibly verify that the information posted actually belongs to the user who posted the information. This includes personal photos, phone numbers, home address, city, state, school, and so on.

These rules will be updated regularly - a posting will be made in the forum each time the rules are updated. All forum members are required to abide by these rules in order to maintain a post-capable account in the forum. Any questions about these rules should be directed to the site owner, Lisa Shea.

Forum Rules and Regulations
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