Plagiarism Rules at Forum

Plagiarism is a very serious issue on the web. Plagiarism is any time you cut and paste another person's words without their explicit permission. Every person's words are immediately copyrighted to them whether or not they put the (C) symbol or date along with their words. Copyright violations can cost over $20,000 to settle.

If you want to share another person's words with the group, link to their website. NEVER take their words and put them in our forum. Even if that person tells you they are OK with the words being shared, it does not mean has any proof of that permission. If, in a year or two, that person decides to sue for having stolen the content, we now have no legal proof that we ever had permission to show the content. The only words that should ever be posted in our forum network are words that the poster wrote.

This includes content from sites such as Wikipedia. There have been many known instances where a random web user stole content and posted it on Wikipedia. If you then cut and paste the Wikipedia article into the forums, you are perpetuating that theft. Pleasure ensure that everything you post into the forums is content you personally wrote.


The same is true for photos. We can NEVER show another person's artwork or photography on our site. This includes avatars and signatures. We simply do not have legal permission to show that work. If you steal someone's work, and then show their copyright, this is even worse. This means you knew the work belonged to someone else, and stole it anyway.

If you take a photo that shows other people in it, you must get written permission from each person before you publicly post that photo. For example, if yout take a photo of your neighbor in their back yard, you must get their signed consent before you post their photo for others to see.

Please make sure that every single word and image you post in our forums was hand created by you. We take issues of plagiarism very seriously; repeated issues of plagiarism by a forum member is grounds for banning.

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