How to Post Forum Photos

NOTE: ALL photos posted in the forums MUST BE OWNED BY YOU. You must have full rights to that photo. Any person shown in a photo must either be you or you must have a signed release by that individual to show their image in a public fashion. This is basic copyright law. Also, all humans shown in photos must be 18 or older. We cannot show photos of minors on this forum for privacy reasons.

All images shown must be decent. There can be no nudity, obscene or other upsetting images shown.

PhotoBucket Instructions

Step 1 Go to
Step 2 Register with Photobucket
Step 3 Go to Album and Browse for Picture on Your Computer
Step 4 Once you find the photo you want then click it and then hit Sumit
Step 5 Once picture is downloaded Highlight the http: and Copy it
Step 6 go to forum Full Repy then look and you will see Instant UBB Code
Step 7 Click Image and clear out the window then Paste the http in it and it will put it in the forum
Step 8 For Avatar go to my Profile, Edit Profile chose Avatar and follow Steps 5-7 and click use this Avatar and then Update.

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