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The WineIntro forum is fully automated. When you sign up, the system will email you your password which verifies that your email address does in fact work. If you do not receive that password message, make sure that all of your spam blockers are turned off so it gets through. The mail definitely does send a password out to those who register.

If you get stuck part-way through the registration process, try resetting all of your cookies, closing down the browser, then starting up again. That resets everything back to its starting position.

If you forget your password, use the 'lost my password' option, and it will be sent to you. If you put in JUST your email address, both your username and password will be sent to you. Administration people cannot see your password for privacy reasons.

Finally, if you have a question for Lisa or about a topic in general (choosing a wine, buying wine, wine pairings), please post it in the forum. Lisa and others will get back to you as soon as they can.

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