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Please ensure your post is on topic for the area you post in. Title your post with meaningful words, so that those who read the thread know if it applies to them.

Poor Title: HELP!!!!!
Good Title: Wine and Chocolate Pairing Ideas Needed

If you create poor titles, our moderators may at their discretion change them to be more meaningful, to help our users navigate the forums more easily.

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All posts must be constructive, on topic for the forum in which they are posted, and free of vulgarity. We do not condone CyberBullying and will actively take steps to prevent and ban any who participate in this behavior. We have visitors of all ages reading our posts, and the posts must therefore be appropriate for all ages.

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City and state of your home
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Photos cannot be posted of children under the age of 13 for legal reasons.

Over one in seven children are solicited sexually on the web each year. We feel very strongly about our role in supporting internet safety, and will actively talk with posters if any of the above information is made public about a child. We may at our discretion delete that information and ban the poster if the behavior does not change.

Together, we can maintain our community in a safe and helpful manner. Thank you for your participation, and enjoy!

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