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Californian White Zinfandels

White Zinfandel has a rough burden to carry. Not quite white and not quite red, very sweet and not able to age well, White Zinfandel is looked down on by many "serious" drinkers for being the soda pop of wine.

Sure, White Zinfandel wouldn't go very well with a fine sirloin steak. There is a place for it, though - maybe a picnic with friends, watching the toddlers run around the park. Some cheese, some crackers, and you've got a good match.

I've sampled many, many White Zinfandels in my time, and find that like any other wine, personal preferences play a great role in determining "what is a good wine for me". Here are my current top six choices for a good White Zinfandel.

gentle, fruity flavor, clear color, lingering aftertaste

Ernest & Julio Gallo
pale peach color, thin, hint of peach taste

tart, strawberry taste

Glen Ellen
sort of sweet, bubbly

fruity, good, a little tart

White Tail
good, tastes like berries

If you like White Zinfandel, don't let snobs make you feel badly about it! Every type of drink has its place. Different people have genetic reasons for reacting to different tastes. Perhaps the other person simply has more "sweet" taste buds and is overpowered by a good White! Figure out what you enjoy, and appreciate that.

Note that if you like White Zinfandel, you'll probably also enjoy rieslings, ice wine, liebfraumilch and fruit wines - peach, plum and pear especially.

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