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June 1998 "favorites" Wine Tasting

I ran a wine tasting recently for a group of friends, asking each to bring in one of his/her favorite bottles of wine. The selection was diverse and all were found to be quite good.

1994 Larose-Trintaudon Bordeaux
At an average price of $18.00, this fruity wine scored 84 on the Wine Spectator list. It was very pleasant, with berry and a slight plum taste.

1996 Rosemount Shiraz
What a deal! I brought this one of course. It is one of my favorites, and at $12.00 it's both a winner and inexpensive. Wine Spectator gives it a 91. All sorts of flavors - blackberry, chocolate, a bit of spice. It's not even at its best yet, either!

1996 Georges Duboeuf Burgundy
A favorite of a friend of mine, this wine has a medium price ($19.00) but is quite tasty. Scoring an 87 by the Wine Spectator, the taste has many fruits - pear, lime, and even some honey mixed in.

1996 Robert Mondavi Chardonnay
Inexpensive and fine tasting! Only $10 gets you a wine ranked 84 by Wine Spectator. Pear and apple set off the hint of oak.

Beringer White Zinfandel
Someone had to bring it! This must be the standard American drink - getting the most votes in most popularity contests. An easy drinking wine, rather cheap (usually $8 or so), with berries and watermelon and other summery flavors.

Nashoba Valley After Dinner Peach
Perfect for hot weather. This wine has an amazing yellow color and a beautiful peach flavor. Have it for dessert! What a treat. Nashoba Valley is a Massachusetts vineyard.

Nashoba Valley Azule
A blueberry port! Nice, rich color, and smooth, delicious flavor. Not too "berry", it has a bit of an oaky flavor with all sorts of rich tones to it. A bit expensive though - $19 for a half bottle. Worth the price for a special occasion.

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