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The Holy Grape CD

I saw this music CD in a wine shop in Washington state, and decided I had to get it. It's subtitled "Baroque and renaissance wine drinking music". How could there be a special set of wine drinking music?

The Holy Grape CD The 16 tracks are primarily from known composers - Handel, Bach, Mozart. There are a few rare items on here, but by and large it's a collection of songs that will be familiar to classical music fans.

Still, whenever I held a wine tasting, I put the music on and was sure to pass the CD case around. The case has a fair amount of information on it about wine types and wine tasting, explaining why glassware matters, how to decant, and more. In general, the music does in fact live up to its name. It is pleasant and quiet, without intruding on the discussion. While other collections might have some loud, busy music in them, these tracks are all low key and subtle.

Many studies have shown that playing fast music at dinner makes diners eat more quickly, while playing slow music helps to slow the pace of eating. Since wine tasting is about savoring and appreciating the flavors in a wine, it makes sense to play slow, quiet music in the background, to complement this activity.

Well recommended as a fun host / hostess gift.

Here is the track list:
Johann Schobert (it even says "not Franz Schubert" :) )
. Quartett op VII no 1 "April" in E flat major, "Allegro moderato"
Arcangelo Corelli
. Sonata op 5 no 4 in F Major "Adagio"
George Phillipp Telemann
. concerto for recorder and flute in E minor "Largo"
George Frideric Handel
. Ah, che pur troppo a vero
Jean Baptiste Quentin
. concerto op 12 no 1 in A major "Adagio"
Johann David Heinichen
. Concerto in F Major, Seibel 235
Marin Marais
. Livre V, menuets 100 & 99
Johann Sebastian Bach
. Sonata for flute and continuo VWV 1034 "Adante"
George Frideric Handel
. Sonata op 5 no 1 in A Major, "Andante"
George Philipp Telemann
. concerto for 2 chalumeaux in D minor "Adagio"
Arcangelo Corelli
. Sonata op 5 no 3 in C major "Adagio"
Jean-Pierre Guignon
. Sonata op 1 no 8 A major "Allegro poco e grazioso"
Johann David Heinichen
. Concerto in G ajor Seibel 217 Largo
Jean-Marie Leclair
. Sonata III, D Major "Un popo andante"
Wolfgant Amadeus Mozart
. String quartet no 4 in C major "andante"
Romanus Weichlein
. Sonata 1 in D Major "Con discretione"

The Holy Grape CD

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