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Cork Mini Vase Instructions

I adore origami, and I have tons of corks around. This is the perfect way to use corks to create a mini-vase for origami flowers!

Start with five corks, preferably all the same design and size. Stand one cork up in the center. Then use the other four corks to form a square around the central cork. Just like this:

Cork Mini Vase Instructions

Put the set onto a piece of paper so that your glue doesn't leak through to the table :) You can create an actual felt "base" if you want, but if you do it on paper it's easy enough to then have the corks self seal against each other. Use glue to connect the five corks together. I used a very thick glue, but most glues will work here.

Cork Mini Vase Instructions

Now you need three mini origami flowers. I have full instructions on making origami flowers - including video instructions - at If you're not great with origami, enlist a friend to help you out! You want to do the SMALL sized origami paper to be propoportional to your little cork vase.

When the glue is dry - I let it dry overnight - now it's time to put your flowers into your vase. Use a small screwdriver to drive three holes into the central cork. Insert a stem from each flower into one of the holes. I'll comment that I was a bit sloppy with the glue in my example. You can probably do a little better and not have the glue be so obvious :)

Cork Mini Vase Instructions

Voila! These are the perfect small present to give to a friend, to sit on your own desk, and to decorate your office with. The flowers will always be fresh, and the corks proclaim your love of wine!

Cork Mini Vase Instructions

If you're celebrating an anniversary, then the first year anniversary is the paper anniversary!

Cork Mini Vase Instructions

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